ReDux & ReBound, The Travel Writing Game – Rules and Call for Stories!

ReDux & ReBound is a travel writing competition in creative stage development by Holland & Berlin Associates with the aim of franchising with a global media provider.

There are two elements of the competition, either or both of which entries are welcome.  

The written piece should be between 2000 and 3000 words of prose,.  If you prefer poetry, there is no word limit.

We recommend that at the end of your piece that you assert your copyright.

Please send submissions to


The Redux

 o   The Redux is an article/piece about a previous trip or journey or foreign placement

 o   It can be a gap year, a holiday that made a strong impression

 o   The Redux MUST look at places that were ‘newly discovered’ or undiscovered at the time of the trip

 o   It is LIKELY that the Redux will be further back in time the more travelled the place is today

 o   The Greek Islands would likely be the early 1980s

 o   Central and Eastern Europe would likely be prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989

 o   Russia would likely be prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991

 o   While not sickly sentimental, the article should reflect upon its times

 o   The article could include a fact box – who was PM, President, what was on the TV, what was new.  For example in 1991 the year of the collapse of the Soviet Union there was no Google or Skype and an international phone call needed to be booked 24 hours in advance


The ReBound

 ‘get planning your ReBound now’

 o   The ReBound is an article about recent trip or journey or foreign placement, and must be within the last 12  to 18 months

 o   The ReBound must be based on a place that featured in the ReDux section

 o   It must reflect the new

 o   It must keep it present

 o   It must innovate and explain why the place is as valid today as before it was ‘discovered’

 o   It might chide, or poke fun at the Redux team of authors


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