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A Soviet Joke (II)

A factory worker is in deep trouble with the local Party boss for consistent laziness, turning up late, on the job drinking with all of his co-workers, and most serious of all anti Soviet propaganda and calling Lenin a tosser and Stalin a git.

The Party boss asks, ‘Comrade, you realise that you are in deep trouble?’

These are the days when the G.U.L.A.G. is still very popular.

The worker just looks at his hands and spreading his fingers, works them in and out.

Try it for yourself and read on.

The Party boss was pleased with this and in his holier than thou, sanctimonious way says,

‘I can see Comrade that you are sorry’.

The worker continues to work his outstretched fingers in and out, in and out.

‘Comrade, no need to fret so’, says the Party boss, ‘tell me what is on your mind and this will go no further’.

The worker looks up and says, ‘I was just wondering Comrade’,

‘How the hell do hedgehogs fuck?’.

Bang, bang!